Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last of the Month Coupon Rush!!!

Hey, Y'all!

It's that time of the month.  Coupon sites will renew coupons either on the last day of May or the 1st of June. Either way, go to your favorite printable coupon sites and/or visit the ones below (which are mine) and get those coupons that you may have missed earlier this month.  My favorite printable sites: 
I just bought a brand new HP computer for $30!!! Yep, just $30.  Okay, now that I have your attention, here's how I did it.  I use an American Express card for gasoline purchases for our big ol' motorhome, groceries, Costco purchases for our home and church, online stuff for birthdays, etc.  My "rewards" have been accumulating for about two years.  As of last month, I had $450 worth of "rewards"!!! 

The rewards check could only be used at Costco.  So, with my "rewards" check nestled in my bosoms, I made a beeline for the computer that I previously researched online.  I did my homework :0)

A word of caution:  do not use your credit card when couponing unless you plan to pay off the amount you spend every month.  The interest payments will negate any coupon savings you may realize.

I only bought the cpu and not the monitor.  My total came to $450+tax (about $30).  BUT WAIT!!!  I also want a 28" monitor.  That is HUGE!  I hope to get the monitor for FREE!! (including the tax + 2 yr protection plan).  How?

Well, I sent you all a link several months ago for a survey site "Pine Cone Research".  It is a Nielson survey company contracted by different manufacturers to send out surveys for people to complete to help them market their products.  Anyway, I get $3 for every survey I complete.  I do about 1 to 2 surveys a week and sometimes one or two more.  I set the frequency.  I have accumulated $174 in survey money over the last year (58 surveys) + the rewards due from these four sites:  SavingStar ($21), WalMart Savings Catcher ($8), Ebates ($19), and CheckOut 51 ($19) Each one gives me a rebate on several of the grocery items I purchase each time I shop.  There are others but these are my favorites.

The monitor I want costs $219 ( w/no tax+ free shipping+ $10 for the 2 yr protection plan) .  So, either way, I can now buy a new monitor for my new computer and use the other one for my old computer.  The old computer will be used as my 5th coupon terminal :0)  This will allow me to print up to 10 coupons per site (2 per computer).

So, for $30 I am getting a complete computer system.  The is our first computer in more than 10 years! 

Check out the four savings sites highlighted above and start saving money.  BTW, if you use this EBATES link above to sign up, I will receiver $5 for each person who signs up and then uses the link during their shopping trip to purchase at least $25 within the next 12 months.

Finally, I am finalizing plans for an online coupon forum next month.  It will be held on a Saturday morning.  More information to follow.

In the meantime, Happy Couponing?

ShaRon :o)

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