Saturday, June 27, 2015

New "To Me" Supermarket

​What the heck is "Price Right"?  I got a sales flyer in my weekend paper this morning for "Price Rite".  I had never heard of it.  So, I looked it up and found locations for Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island & Virginia.  Here's the stores for Maryland.
  • 3104 Queen's Chapel RD -Hyattsville, MD - 301.887.1280
  • 5800 Silver Hill RD -District Heights, MD - 301.967.0513
  • Meadows Park Shopping Center - 6606 Security Blvd - Gwynn Oak, MD - 410.277.8902

​I really got excited when I saw the sale on 40 oz. TIDE Simply Fresh for $2!​
​  I bought some $2 TIDE a couple of weeks ago (@ShopRite) but had to use $1 coupons that doubled to $2.​
​  The sale starts July 1 and ends July 11.​
​  I do not know how the prices of other items in the store compares to using coupons at other stores.  Price Rite does not accept any manufacturers' coupons. 

How do they keep their prices so low:
  • limit quantities to 4 like items;
  • have smaller store staff numbers;
  • rarely advertise;
  • charge for grocery bags;
  • no rainchecks
  • No weekly circulars
  • No expensive store decor
  • Limiting the numbers of items we stock
  • Customers bring their own shopping bags
  • Smaller more shopable stores
Here's the link to the current (thru 6.30.15) Price Rite "Hot Buys".​
​  Be sure to register on their site for weekly deals because they rarely advertise.​

Milk on sale at Walgreens $2.79 and large eggs $1.29 dz. my buy price is 10¢ per egg.  My stock up price to buy multiple dozens of eggs is 8¢ per egg.  My best price for 1 dz eggs was "free" a few months ago.  I hit a really great sale and used coupons to score that great deal last year. I try to keep 6 dozen eggs in my refrigerator at all times.  My 11 grandchildren stayed with me this week.  Out of the 71/2  (90 eggs) we bought last week and the dozen or so I had on hand, we used the last dozen this morning...WOW! They go home tomorrow.  Time to buy more eggs. 

Finally, school supplies are starting to show up in the stores.  Don't buy now.  Wait until the coupons start showing up in July for more savings. Don't just buy what you or your children will use for the first week or so.  This will be your chance to stockpile school supplies for the rest of the year!

Happy Couponing!
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