Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wrapping up 2015...

This email has some great coupon info.  Save for later if you don't have time to read right now.

Just two more days until "Happy New Year" will be repeated by everyone you greet for the next week or more.  Question?  When do you stop saying, "Happy New Year"?  For me, I'm done with that greeting about 3 days into the new year.  After that, I don't bother.

Anyway, I set my first resolution for the coming year.  "I resolve to keep my desk and office neat and clean."  This is the very first time I have ever proclaimed this and certainly the first time I have put it out for the rest of my friends to see. As of this moment, my office and desk are both neat and clean.  I am ready for the new year!

In cleaning off my desk, I found the email list from my last coupon class in October!  I also found the list of about 20 items I promised to send to my Bizzy Coupon Bees as soon as I got home.  Well, those of you who attended the class might remember that I was sick.  I left that class and went straight to my bed for the next several days.  In the meantime, my desk clutter took on a life of its own and engulfed the email list and the list of items I promised to send to everyone.  Out of sight, out of mind...Thanks again to my cousin Carollera for compiling the list during the class. 

Below you will find all but 2 items from the list:  (I will send the PowerPoint presentation from the class and the envelope template in another day or two.  Those two items are on my laptop.)

If it is highlighted in yellow below, it is a link.
​I have forgotten why we wanted to know about this pressure cooker :o)​

​Save without clipping coupons:​

​Coupon Databases:
  • - Find out how long you can store foods
  • Canadian Steak Seasoning  - I buy mine at Sam's Club.  I usually get the Grill Mates  (cannot remember why we wanted this link...I use it to season my greens, cabbage, green beans, ribs, and steaks)  It adds great taste without adding lots of salt.  Use sparingly until you figure out how spicy you like your food.
    WalMart Savings Catcher

  • My YouTube Channel (go to & type "redbeelips" or "Sharon Lewis-Conway" in the search field at the top of the page - ​I haven't added any new videos in the last month.  Promise to do better in 2016!  Subscribe to my channel and you will be notified each time I add a video.
  • Target Cartwheel - You are on your own with this one.  I haven't a clue how to use this money saver :o)
  • Making Laundry Detergent at home - This is the link to several YouTube videos that will show you how to make your own laundry detergent.  ​
  • How to Start a Stockpile with Coupons - This is a google search with several links to blogs and youtube videos that give great ideas about how to start your stockpile.  I a few days I will show you my current stockpile.  The one I had about 3 months ago is shown on my blog and in the powerpoint presentation.  It has been reduced to about 25% of what it was because we are now feeding 13 from a stockpile that was originally meant for 2.  So, we will be rebuilding our stockpile via coupons and big box stores like Sam's and Costco.  That is my
    ​second resolution, "Build a 6 month stockpile for a family of 13."​
      It will probably take me about 9 months to do that.  I will be giving lots of updates throughout the coming winter, spring, and summer.  Target date for completing the stockpile, October 1, 2016.​

​Organizing Coupons - YouTube videos to show you different ways to organize your coupons.  

  • "Whole Insert Coupon Organizing"​ This is the method I use.  I no longer use a binder.  I clip when I get ready to go shopping.
  • ​"Coupon Binder Organizing"​ - This is the method
    I started using when I first began to coupon.  Very time consuming.​
    ​  ​
    BUT, I missed less deals with this method.​

Bonus Website: 
Love It!!!! I just found this site tonight (this is 4:33 AM!!!)​ 

Happy New Year!!!​

ShaRon :o)