Saturday, February 4, 2017

Super Doubles at HT, New Week of Sales at ShopRite, and Coupons, too!

Happy New Year!
Okay, I think it is officially not a "new" year anymore...
No talk about politics or other worldly concerns here. 
We just want to know where the next grocery deal is. 
We just want to stock up to hunker down for the next few weeks until Spring arrives. 

So, let's all go make couponing great again!!!

Check the expiration dates in your P&G insert from last week.  Some coupons expire very early.
Check your regular coupon expiration dates, too. Some expire after only 7 days!  I think the
premise is that they are trying to be sure that there is not enough time for folks to order (buy)
coupons online and receive them before the coupon expires.

Printable coupons on and other sites have reset and you should be able to extract
more printables for this month.  Check out my old blog TheBizzyCouponBee add click on the tabs
for printable coupons and some other favorite coupon sites.  Sadly, I am not able to edit this site
any longer but the information is still quite good.  I hope that this summer, I will be able to start
a brand new blog and website.  Just trying to find a little "spare" time while helping to raise 8-11 kids :o)

Harris Teeter Super Doubles!!! AND ShopRite Sale Week Now Starts on FRIDAYS!!!

​Coupon Preview for Sunday 2/5/17 AND Sunday 2/12/17

ShaRon :o
John 21:18