Saturday, March 4, 2017

Happy Spring!

Hey, Y'all!

We have survived the winter that wasn't!  Well, that was some people say.  For my tastes, if I am not sweatin', it is not warm enough for me.  I look forward to the hot sweltering spring and summer temps.  Heck, I can always strip down to my birthday suit and sip lemonade in the shade.  On the other hand, when it is really cold outside, I shiver to the bone no matter how many layers I wear.

We are expecting three coupon inserts this weekend:
Looks like a bounty of coupons for toiletries (hair stuff, lotions, oral care, skin care, etc.)

3 Day Super Doubles at Harris Teeter

​Looks like 3 days vs 7 days Super Doubles will become the norm for HT Super Doubles.  Also, I see a pattern of it appearing the first weekend of the month.  In January, February, and March of this year, the Super Doubles have appeared the first weekend of the month.  My thoughts:  I think HT is doing this so that couponers are caught unprepared and will not have long enough to get prepared.  What is prepared?  Clip coupons; match deals; order coupons from mail order coupon clipping services;​
​ scanning coupon blogs for posted deals at HT; and/or making multiple shopping trips to the store over a period of a week.  But, if the first weekend pattern persists, we will all be prepared for April.


Finally, my Washington Post subscription ran out the last weekend of February.  I will now have to renegotiate my subscription rates.  I plan to order 4 newspapers but depending on the rates.  I recommend 1 newspaper per person in your home.  I have 13 in my home and should order 12-14 papers per week.  However, not all inserts have the coupons I will use.  There are weeks when I don't use any and I hate to have invested $12 for inserts full of coupons I will not use or newspapers that have no coupon inserts for that week. 

Okay, I just finished "negotiating" with the Washington Post for my new yearly subscription rate.  My original bill for the coming year thru March 2018 was going to be $769.60!!!!  After threatening to cancel my subscription, I got passed along to their "subscription retention agent".  That's the person who is supposed to figure out how to keep me from cancelling the subscription.  I said to him, "Heck, I only want the coupons.  I can't afford nearly $800 for coupon inserts!"  His reply, "Mrs. Conway, you have been a great customer for many years...yada, yada, yada..."  I let him talk..."So, we are going to allow you to have the 4 subscriptions for another year for $218.25." 

I could have kept going to get a better price but...I didn't.  I am satisfied with my deal as it is.  Bottom line, don't accept the first price quoted.  There is almost always a better deal behind the next curtain.

I really wanted to add more papers to my subscription.  However, I was trying to save money.  Besides, I have other sources of coupon inserts.  My husband's brother (by another mother) gathers "orphaned" coupon inserts during his walk each morning.  My sister and I exchange coupons via the mail.  Of course, printable coupons often yield higher value coupons that you find in the inserts and they are free.  Here are a few of my favorite printable sites:
Check out:  TheBizzyCouponBee Tabs for even more printable coupons

Happy Couponing!

ShaRon :o)
John 21:18