Friday, May 19, 2017

Coupon Preview for Week of May 14th

Good Evening, Everyone!

I am so happy that the dismal, cool, dreary, rainy days are gone.  This week the sun and heat returned with a vengeance.  Warm sunny days bring visions of summertime.  That is a bittersweet time in our home.  The kids are already in countdown mode for school to be over.  As for me, I am in a countdown mode much like someone on death row.  What do you do with 10 kids for 90 straight days who are too young or too lazy to work?  I could ring our governer's neck for making school start after Labor Day.  That adds a whole two weeks to their summer and my sentence.

What's so funny is that I will have "only" eight kids (the two oldest may stay in PA for the summer).  But, each of them will "attract" at least one other during the summer months.  So, on any given day, I can look out of my window and see as many as 12+ kids in my backyard.  I should start charging day camp fees.  I have two people who will actually come with their kid because the child has no siblings to play with.  I would more than happy to bring some of my grandkids over for a few afternoons each week but I am not sure the parents would go for that.

Looking for an easy way to save money? Load your favorite store's digital coupons on your loyalty card. I just activated several digital coupons on my Giant loyalty card.  I ground beef for my meal plan for next week.  I really don't want to pay more than $2.50 per pound for 80/20 ground beef.  So, I checked the website for Giant and found a digital coupon ($7.50 off a $25+ fresh meat or poultry purchase).  Last week, there was a $5 off $10 purchase.  So, register your loyalty cards online and download those valuable coupons.  Generally, digital coupons are only valid for a single use. 

Note:  Your digital coupon offers may be totally different from mine.  They are based on your shopping patterns.  So, you may not have the fresh meat coupon available for download.

Two coupon inserts this coming weekend:
SmartSource 5/21
Red Plum 5/21
P&G 5/28 will come in the May 28th newspaper.

Planning to do my June meal plan for the entire month!!!  The absolute most awful feeling is to stand in the middle of my kitchen 15 minutes before the first wave of our 8 kids burst through the kitchen and not know what's for dinner.  That has happened to me twice.  Never again!!!  Now, I plan a 7 to 10-day menu at a time and most times two weeks.  However, I want less stress and a month's worth of meals already planned and shopped will give me that.  Wanna know what's for dinner in the Conway house in June?  I will share our monthly menu with you next week.

Happy Couponing!!!
ShaRon :o)
John 21:18