Friday, August 31, 2012

No Inserts This Sunday...Now What?

There will be no coupon inserts this coming Sunday because of the holiday.  I guess the advertisers feel that holiday picnics and celebrations of the last days of summer do not lend themselves to couponing.  But, there are other things we couponers can do to find savings during the coupon drought.

First, check with your newspaper subscription service to be sure you are getting the best price possible.  The last thing you want to do is to end up wasting your savings from couponing on the coupons themselves.  I was able to reduce my weekly subscription (Sunday's only) from $1.87 per week to $1.05 per week.  When I first began my Sunday only service, I had a special new subscriber rate of 59¢ per Sunday for one copy.  I supplemented that with 4 papers from 7-11 (2/$3).  So, I was able to get five Sunday newspapers for $6.59 per week.  

Now, I get four newspapers for $4.20 and my sister-in-law and another friend also give me their coupon inserts each week.  In addition, I have the Sunday Insert Schedule and will send a list of the Sunday's that I do not want newspapers delivered to the carrier and the Post (just to be sure they get the notice).  I did not do that last year. By just following this plan, I can save a little more than $100 per year on my newspaper subscription.  

Next, call your cable/internet/phone carrier(s).  Tell them that you are falling on hard times and that you may need to terminate their services if you cannot get the costs down to a manageable level.  Ask them to reevaluate your services to see if they have some specials or new offerings that you could get to lower your monthly costs.

I called DirecTV (the satellite provider for our motorhome) and told them that I could not justify $109 per month for a motorhome and wanted to know how I can lower my bill.  Long story short, by taking just a little time, I was able to lower our bill to $72 a month for one whole year.  I could have lowered it even more but my sweetheart just has to have his boxin' channel and MASN (baseball channel).  Bottom line, I will save $544!  And, if I have the service suspended for the months we do not travel, I will save an additional $72 per month each month it is suspended.  

Finally, I made a call to Verizon.  They provide service for my internet/telephone/television.  I told them that I would like to have the cost of my service evaluated to see if I am getting the best savings.  My contract with Verizon had already expired and so that was enough incentive for them to help me save a little money.  They asked me what things I wanted continued with my service and what things I could drop.  Again, my sweetie pie loves his boxing and sports.  Neither of us really watches the movies on those movie channels but we do like our cooking shows, westerns, the Learning Channel, Discovery, OWN and a few more.  Bottom line: I am getting a free upgrade to a faster internet connection, did not loose any of my favorite stations and my bill will be $15 per month less AND I will receive a VISA gift card for $120.  My obligation is for two years during which time I have the latitude to change my programing options at anytime within the two years.  I will save $180 per year on my bill and an additional $120 with the gift card for a total of $300.

With just less than 45 minutes of my time, I saved $944 without clipping any coupons!    I still have a few other things to renegotiate this weekend.  Our motorhome insurance is up for renewal in September.  Time to see how much we can lower that bill.  

So, don't go into withdrawal this weekend with no coupons to clip.  Instead, sit back, pick up your phone, grab a stack of bills, and make some calls.

Happy Calling!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee