Saturday, September 1, 2012

Couponing at the Dollar Store...

Today, I ventured out into the great unchartered territory of couponing at my local Dollar Tree.  All week I had anticipated this trip and figured that it would be much more of a trip just to look around to see what was available. 
Cost for these items: $12.90+ tax-40% Savings (no q-pons for canned fruit)

First of all, the name brands are few and far between but they are there.  This is especially true for the canned and boxed foods.  Cleaning products and toiletries and a few over-the-counter meds are also in the store.  But, the trick to finding great deals with your coupons will be to match the coupon to the item.  Remember, it must match the description exactly, not the pictured item. 

I found that there were several times that I could match a coupon with a brand named product but the size or amount of the item did not.  The sizes of the items in the store are much smaller than you will find in a regular grocery store or pharmacy.  Except for the canned foods, I was unable to find any "regular" sized items.  I only had a short time to look around because it was just about closing time.

It looks like the only coupons that will work without any problem will be the coupons that specify no size or quantity and/or state "any".  I bought some Soft Soap liquid hand soap (8 oz) and Lysol toilet boil cleaner (16 oz).  Each item was $1 before q-pons.  The hand soap and toilet bowl cleaner were 50¢ each after the coupons.  

Surprisingly, I was the first person at my local Dollar Tree that had used coupons since their new policy to accept coupons began this week.  The cashiers were so clueless that I doubt they had ever even seen or held a coupon before today.  My cashier read the printed information of every coupon very closely.  So, it was evident that they had been trained, just not tested. 

I bought $20 worth of hand soap ($1/off 2 coupons), toilet bowl cleaner ($1/off 2 coupons), two cans of Martha Holmes veggies (75¢/2 coupon), and two cans of Libby's canned fruit.  I had no coupons for the fruit @ $1/can.  After my coupons were deducted, I paid $12 + tax.  That was a 40% savings.  

Today was a test run just to check out the sales associates to see how much they knew about coupon redemption.  They knew almost nothing about coupons but seemed eager to learn and were very accommodating.  I also had a chance to look around to get an idea about just what is available and if it would be worth my time and save me money by couponing at Dollar Tree.  
It was evident that the sizes are deliberately smaller and if your coupon has no size or quantity for the item, you will find plenty to restock your stockpile.  Check the expiration dates carefully and know your price points.  Just because it is a dollar, don't assume it is a bargain.  The sizes and quantity are quite small but there are bargains to be found.

I will try again next week and spend more time looking for coupon bargains at Dollar Tree.

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee