Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hey, Everyone

I made a big haul this week on some high value CVS Extra Care Bucks. There are always folks who say that you don't really save any money when you use coupons and that the Extra Care Bucks are a big scam.  And the biggest naysayers to couponing say, "How can you save money when you have to spend your money to get the money back on ECBs?"

Well, here's my response to those naysayers.  I got $19 of CVS's money this week and did not spend a single penny!  How did I get them?  Well, if you remember I told you one of my strategies with CVS is not to buy anything there for a couple of weeks.  I have not bought anything at CVS in over three weeks.  They missed me so they sent me a $4 ECB to lure me into the store.  

One of my many virtues is "patience".  Actually, I am still waiting on it but that's another story.  Anyway, I waited for some other goodies to come my way from CVS.  I told you all some time ago to join the CVS Advisor team.  They award some great ECBs for completing surveys.  You can join the team by going to  

I got in on two surveys this week and received $10 for one and $5 on another.  So, my total CVS ECBs this week totaled $19!  I will walk into CVS tomorrow and start my shopping with $19 of CVS's money.   

In addition, I scanned by CVS card at the Redbox (here in Florida it is blue) and received several coupons.  One was for $2.50 off Colgate MaxClean, Max White, or MaxFresh toothpaste 6 oz size.  CVS has a special this week and those Colgate toothpastes will be just 50¢ with the coupon and if I use the 50¢ coupon from the insert in January, it will be free!

Now, don't start hatin'. You can do the same thing or better. Follow these steps:
  • Register your CVS card online (you will receive a $5 ECB in your email).
  • Register to be a CVS Advisor on  
  • Scan your CVS card everytime you enter the CVS pharmacy.
  • Register for the pharmacy CVS ECB program to receive $5 in ECBs with every 10th prescription you fill at the pharmacy.
  • Shop online with and sign out just before you click the submit button for your order and leave your "shopping basket" full.   You will receive a big discount offer from CVS to get you to submit that order.  
  • If it is not on sale, you don't have a coupon, and don't have any ECBs, don't buy it. 
  • Always pair your ECBs with coupons and sales!  
Follow those steps and you can get a fist full of ExtraCareBucks, too.

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee