Monday, September 29, 2014

Coupon Previews for the Week of October 5. 2014

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Even as I lament the no double coupon atmosphere here in South Carolina, I am excited about the three coupon inserts expected for next Sunday.  Don't be so excited that you go out and blow your coupon stash on just any ol' sale.  You want to pair your coupons with sales that are at least 30% and higher off the regular price.  That's how you score free or nearly free products.

Meats and poultry- Everyone always wants to know about coupons for fresh meats.  Last year, I had several coupons for Perdue and Tyson chicken.  It was during the fall and winter months.  I don't know if that was a one time rarity or if it will repeat again this coming season.  Nevertheless, you can snatch great deals without coupons if you wait for the bottom line price on your meat and poultry. 

Make friends with your supermarket's butcher and he may actually give you a heads up on upcoming sales, specials, and markdowns.  And, don't forget to scan the refrigerated section for specials on meats nearing their expiration date.  Take it home; repackage/wrap; and freeze.  Don't forget to label with the name (cut of meat); source (store); and the price per lb.

Finally, remember, the goal is to keep you out of the stores for long stretches of time.  You will save the most when you shop the least.  Once my stockpile is bulging at the seams, I only shop the deals and sales that give me my items for free or nearly free.  You never want to be forced to shop because you ran out of an item.  BizzyCouponBee out of an item; shop for that item; no coupon for that item; and the item is not on sale...OH, NO!

​That's it!  Here's the links to the coupon previews for next week:
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