Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Printables Reset Today!

Hey, Everyone!

I love the first of every month!  No, it is not because that's the day I get my Social Security check.  It's the day when the printable coupons are reset!  So, follow the links below for some great new printables and a chance to restock your coupon stash.
Remember these printable q-pon tips:
  • The coupons do not have to be in color.
  • Print on the "best or highest" quality printer setting.
  • Use a laser or laser jet printer when possible for the clearest printing.
  • Nearly all coupons will print twice per computer. 
  • Most printable q-pons expire within 30 days of printing.
  • "National" printable coupons are available nationwide in all zips.
  •  "Zip-Specific" coupons are only available within specific zip codes.,, have coupons that are zip-specific.
  • Use these zips for the best selection of zip-specific q-pons: 77477, 94550, 77807, 57270, 12345, 95820, 92111, 10119, 33763, 89109, 19444, 30188, 75034, 60148, 22222, 10001, 62946, 23234, and 18051
Are you up for a challenge? 
Go to this link: Find Zip-Specific Coupons for some advanced zip code coupon tactics for  It is really fun but can be intense for the novice couponer.  Go ahead, make me proud! :o

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, TheBizzyCouponBee :o)