Saturday, October 4, 2014

Seniors Discount Days!

Many retailers, especially, restaurants, theaters, pharmacies and supermarkets have special discount days for seniors. The qualifying age may vary from store to store.  Ask customer service or the manager for the exact qualifying age.

Most stores like Walgreens give a percentage off the total order.  While others may only discount a single item. Supermarkets often give weekly discounts on a certain day.  ShopRite (each Tuesday) and Harris Teeter (each Thursday) have a designated day each week for senior discounts.  They both give a 5% discount off your entire order.
The first Wednesday of each month is Seniors Day at RiteAid with a 20% discount off everything in the store (must register for their Wellness65+ Program).

The first Tuesday of each month is Seniors Day at Walgreens with a 20% discount off your entire order.  Check the store's signs for exclusions.  

As far as I know, CVS does not have a store-wide discount for seniors.  However, all of the pharmacies offer percent off of prescription meds.  You must ask for your discount.  Don't assume because you look old that you will automatically get it.  Many cashiers hesitate to simply give it without asking because they don't want to offend the senior customers.  Go ahead, offend me!  Just as long as I get my Seniors Day discount, I will not take it personally.