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Online Coupon Forum and other stuff...

Hi, Everyone!

Last night, I hosted my first online coupon forum.  Was it what I hoped it would be?  Well, let's just say that I have a lot to learn.  I have asked for feedback but I doubt I will get any criticism cause everyone of the 5 online with me are so very kind and don't want to hurt my feelings.

Never the less, I think that these are the problems I know to take note of in the future:
  • ShaRon tried to cover too much in 30 minutes.
  • ShaRon talked too fast.
  • We could have discussed some of the new websites in more detail.
  • Not everyone shops at ShopRite.
  • Sharon forgot to turn on her camera so it was more like talking on the phone.
  • Limit the participants to 10 or less but not 25!!!
  • Give more advanced notice of the online coupon forum.

If you do not shop at ShopRite, you don't have to read the rest of this email :o)

ShaRon =0), TheBizzyCouponBee :o)


ShopRite's new coupon policy is very confusing and meant to eliminate the $0 shopping sprees that I and many others have been enjoying for the last 20 months.  If that is what they were trying to do, they have come extremely close to doing just that.  But WAIT!  There are a few ways "around" their diabolical scheme to limit our savings.

Here are a few options that you can use to continue to get the most from ShopRite's Double $1 Coupon Bonanza.  Remember, you must make a minimum net purchase (after all coupons and other discounts) of $25.  SR will double coupons until the net total gets to $25.  Once that happens, the remainder of the coupons will not be doubled.:
  • Remember, you must make a minimum net purchase (after all coupons and other discounts) of $25.  SR will double coupons until the total gets to $25.  Once that happens, the remainder of the coupons will not be doubled.
  • When submitting your coupons, give the cashier all of the coupons that are eligible for doubling first. 
  • Next, give the cashier coupons that are not subject to doubling (coupons that state "do not double", catalinas, and SR store coupons). 
  • Digital coupons do not count as coupons against your 20 coupon limit.
  • Do your couponing in conjunction with your other purchases that rarely have coupons: meat, poultry, fruits, veggies, seafood, pastries, & deli items (no milk, tobacco, or prescription meds). Purchase at least $25 worth of these items (make sure the items are on sale) and all eligible coupons will continue to double because your "net" total will not fall below $25.
  • The daily $25 minimum & 20 coupon limit per household is strictly enforced!

I have witnessed people trying to get around the "per household" thing by using different check out lanes and/or SR accounts.  When they are caught, they are asked to leave and cannot coupon at any SR again.  That's embarrassing and I do not like to be embarrassed...I would just shrivel up and die on the spot!

So, that is the latest and greatest on the new and improved SR coupon policy.  I will continue to share my victories with you as I continue to conquer SRite.

That's it!

ShaRon :o)

Living the rest of my life in perpetual vacation mode...six Saturdays and one Sunday a week!

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Thank  so much, I am working 2 jobs, but I need to know there policy, Yeah for ShaRon 
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Hey, Y'all!
I went to ShopRite this afternoon for some intensive couponing therapy.  Couponing really does relax me and takes me away to a place where I can think of nothing else except getting that great deal for FREE and end up with a $0 register receipt.  Well, those days are over and gone!!! Okay, may be not gone...gone.  However, you will have to do your homework to get over on this new coupon policy. 

I have been doing a little studying and have come up with a couple of ways to still come out on top and even come away with lots of $0 shopping receipts.  I know you are biting at the bit to find out what I know that will lead you to coupon shopping glory.  I am saving that for our very first online coupon session this week.  The online coupon session is really a test run to see how this will work or even if it will work at all.  The online coupon conference call will be Monday, June 8th @ 7 PM (30 minute session)
  • Step One:  Study the new ShopRite Coupon Policy.  It is attached
    ​to this email ​
    for your convenience.  Read it at least twice first and then on the third read, jot down any questions you may have about the new policy. This policy was instituted only for Maryland area stores who double $1 coupons.
  • Step Two:  Study the Original ShopRite Coupon Policy that is in place for all ShopRite stores.  (Apparently, doubling $1 coupons is unique to the Maryland area stores.)  If any of my coupon bees know of this double $1 coupons, please let me know.
  • Step Three:  Check your email Monday afternoon after 
    PM for the coupon session information.  This first session will be limited to the first 25 people who call in.  You will all be on the phone at the same time.  So we will have some rules of order to follow for each session to be as productive and orderly as possible.  The rules will be included in the email.
  • ​Step Four: Please email me your questions in advance.  You will still be able to ask them if you prefer but I will be better prepared if I can find the answers before the session begins.
  • The topics that will be covered in the 4 coupon sessions: 
    • ShopRite's New Coupon Policy, ​
    • Where can I find coupons?
    • Using a coupon database
    • Registering my shopping cards for free $$, ​
    • ​Digital Couponing
    • ​Using the stores websites for making ​shopping lists.  
    • ​Organizing a shopping trip to a pharmacy
    • Organizing a shopping trip to a grocery store
    • Bargain hunting online:  Amazon.com, Ebay, Ebates, etc.​

​Finally, the coupon sessions are free.  I am using the phone conference software via a FREE 30-day trial. 
​Hopefully, it does not have a steep learning curve​
.  I really hope that you get your money's worth :o)

Happy Couponing!

Inline image 2
The policy below is attached to this email. 
I took a photo of the original policy in the store.
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ShaRon :o)

Living the rest of my life in perpetual vacation mode...six Saturdays and one Sunday a week!