Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Blast from My Coupon Past...

Good Morning, Everyone!

A few months ago, someone asked me how long I had been couponing.  I told them I had been an avid (some might say "rabid") couponer for about 5 years.  But I qualified my answer by adding that I used to coupon when my children were very young. 

Well, I was cleaning out some old clutter in a cabinet this afternoon and found these treasures!!! Coupons!!!!  The coupons are nearly 40 years old.  They have no barcodes but they do have expiration dates.  Most expired in 1979 & 1980! Notice the denominations...7¢, 10¢, 12¢, and 15¢.  Wow! I wonder what the store prices looked like. 

I remember going to the supermarket on my first shopping trip after getting married.  We spent about $80 stocking our kitchen with spices, condiments, meats, seafood, poultry, eggs, milk, vegetables, canned and boxed goods, toiletries, cleaning supplies, cat food, etc.  The receipt for that trip was about 8 to 10 ft long.  We used to keep it taped to our refrigerator.  It was folded in half and still nearly reached the floor from the top of the refrigerator.    

We have started our deep spring cleaning in what has been my pantry/stockpile room in the basement.  Our goal is to get that room completely decluttered by the end of the month.  I am making room for a brand new or nearly new freezer.  I am using the rewards from the Ebates, CheckOut 51, Pine Cone Research, and Saving Star deals I have done so far this year.  I will share more about them in my next email and give you sneak peak at the freezer on my wishlist.  BTW, if you have an upright freezer to sell or give away, please know that I accept all offers of assistance graciously.  Thanks! 

The new freezer (freezer #3) will be used solely for our make-ahead freezer meals.  These are whole meals prepared raw and frozen to be cooked either in the oven or in a crockpot.  The freezer will also hold prepared meals like chili, soups, stew; and side dishes like cooked vegetables and meats.  I regularly cook several pounds of ground beef and turkey; bacon & sausage; and spare ribs; gallons of spaghetti sauce, chili, and soup.  Last week, I cooked 25 pounds of collard greens and froze them.  This weekend, I will be cooking 30 lbs of home-fried potatoes and onions. Pre-cooked items make mealtime less hectic and cut preparation times.  You can check out one of the websites I follow by clicking this link: Once-a-Month Meals
Coupons in abundance this coming weekend.  FOUR inserts expected this weekend!!!
Click this link for a preview of the coupons expected but not guaranteed: 2 RedPlum and 2 SmartSource

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Happy Couponing!!!
ShaRon :o)
John 21:18